Misoprostol for cervical ripening in non-pregnant women: a randomized double-blind controlled trial of oral versus vaginal regimens

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The objective was to compare the efficacy of oral versus vaginal misoprostol for cervical ripening in non-pregnant women.


Sixty non-pregnant women scheduled for diagnostic hysteroscopy were randomized by computerized randomization schedule to 400 µg of misoprostol orally (n=30) or 200 µg vaginally (n=30) administered 12 h prior to surgery. The diameter of the cervical canal measured with a Hegar dilator, adverse events and any complications were recorded and compared between the two groups.


The mean pre- and post-medication cervical canal diameter and cervical diameter difference were 2.00 ± 1.93 versus 2.37 ± 1.83 mm (P=0.453), 5.10 ± 1.75 versus 5.60 ± 1.69 mm (P=0.265) and 3.10 ± 1.79 versus 3.23 ± 1.74 mm (P=0.771) in the oral and vaginal group, respectively. Seven patients in the oral group and one patient in the vaginal group experienced diarrhoea within 24 h of administration of the misoprostol.


Oral misoprostol 400 µg had similar efficacy in cervical ripening to 200 µg of vaginal misoprostol.

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