Review ofHistory of Vaccine Developmentby Stanley A. Plotkin (Editor)

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This book,History of Vaccine Development,edited by Stanley Plotkin, collects the personal perspectives of selected scientists who were instrumental in the development of a number of current vaccines. The editor of this book, Stanley Plotkin, is an emeritus professor of the University of Pennsylvania and at the Wistar Institute. He developed the rubella vaccine and has worked extensively in the development and application of many other vaccines. The book originates from information discussed at a meeting convened by Dr Plotkin in Paris in 1995 which, unfortunately, has not been widely disseminated until now. Some of the participants have passed away since the meeting was held and, as Dr Plotkin indicates, that makes their account even more important for future generation of vaccinologists. There are so many lessons to be learned from those individuals who actually developed vaccines. As the Spanish-born philosopher, novelist, and poet George Santayana said, “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” But, perhaps more importantly, this book should also provide guidance and inspiration to future vaccinologists so that they can build on the successes of the past.

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