Immune-complex-like disease in the course ofEnterobacter cloacaesepsis due to cholelithic cholecystitis preceded by influenza vaccination

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This case report describes a 52-y-old male patient who, one week after influenza vaccination, presented with abdominal symptoms: pain in the right epigastrium followed by liver dysfunction and pyrexia, as well renal failure, muscles pain and consciousness disorders. Immune-complex-like disease and Enterobacter cloacae sepsis due to cholelithic cholecystitis were diagnosed. In this case, a correlation between vaccination and immune complex-like-disease was suspected based on the onset of symptoms a few days after vaccination and clinical improvement after plasmapheresis. The etiopathogenesis of immune-complex-like disease in this case possibly could relate to the similarity of the vaccine antigens and E. cloacae antigens as well a genetic predisposition.

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