Two new species of the genus Anonymus from New Zealand (Polycladida, Cotylea)

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Anonymidae Lang, 1884 was established for Anonymus virilis, with multiple male organs; 10 to 11 pairs in two longitudinal rows, one on either side of the pharynx. No other species have been assigned to the genus since 1884. In October 1970 two new species of the Anonymidae were collected from the Kaikoura Peninsula South Island New Zealand. Anonymus multivirilis n. sp. has 226-229 male organs arranged in a band in the peripheral area of the body. Each organ consists of a conical penis papilla and seminal vesicle enclosed together in a common muscular bulb. The single female copulatory organ is simple with the female gonopore located between the mouth and sucker. Anonymus kaikourensis n. sp. has two rows of more than 30 pairs of male organs located lateral to the pharyngeal folds. Changes to the description of the family Amonymidae and genus Anonymus are discussed.

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