A cladistic re-assessment of the Polycystis species complex (Polycystididae, Eukalyptorhynchia)

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The taxonomy of the genus Polycystis Kölliker, 1845 sensu Schockaert & Karling, 1975 is discussed. Character analysis reveals the monophyletic state of the three species groups these authors defined within it. As no synapomorphies for the three groups can be found, the genus is split in three genera: Polycystis Kölliker, 1845, Macrorhynchus Graff, 1882 and Paulodora Marcus, 1948. The systematic position of Macrorhynchus yaganus (Marcus, 1954) Evdonin, 1977 is also discussed, resulting in the erection of the new genus Marcusia gen. n.

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