Study on the Host-Parasite Relationship ofParapenaeopsis stylifera(H. Milne Edwards) (Decapoda:Penaeidae) andParapenaeon japonica(Thielemann); (Isopoda:Bopyridae)

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Thirteen species of penaeid shrimps, namely, Fenneropenaeus merguiensis, F. penicillatus, F. indicus, Penaeus semisulcatus, Metapenaeus affinis, M. monoceros, M. brevicornis, M. stebbingi, Parapenaeopsis stylifera, P. hardwickii, P. sculptilis, Parapenaeus longipes and Metapenaeopsis stridulans were examined in the present study. With the exception of Fenneropenaeus merguiensis and Parapenaeopsis stylifera no other shrimp species were found to be infected with bopyrids, the infection rate being 0.21% in F. merguiensis and 1.22% in P. stylifera. No marked change was observed in weight of the shrimps infected by bopyrids, however, a single male shrimp infected with bopyrid possessed a female like rostrum. All the infected male and female shrimps were found to be sexually immature.

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