An Individual-based Population Model for Rotifer (Brachionus plicatilis) Cultures

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An individual-based dynamic energy budget model is used in a Lagrangian simulation to compute population dynamics for the rotifer strain Brachionus plicatilis. This model structure allows description of transient as well as stationary conditions, making the model useful for a variety of applications. It also has the advantage of allowing the use of dynamic energy budged (DEB) theory in describing rotifer energetics. The model is developed with aquaculture-related applications in mind, including planning, monitoring and control of rotifer production systems and first feeding of marine fish larvae. Simulations show acceptable agreement with measured data on the population level, with regard to steady-state egg ratio, yields of daily diluted cultures, and maximum net growth rate. Further refinement of the model can enable its application for processes such as essential nutrient enrichment of rotifers for first feeding of larval fish.

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