First Stage Zoeas ofQuadrellaDana, 1851 [Crustacea: Decapoda: Brachyura: Xanthoidea: Trapeziidae] and their Affinities with those ofTetraliaDana, 1851, andTrapeziaLatreille, 1828

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The first stages zoeas of Quadrella maculosa Alcock, 1898, Q. serenei Galil, 1986, Tetralia rubridactyla Garth, 1971, and Trapezia richtersi Galil & Lewinsohn, 1983, are described and illustrated. Setal differences between the Quadrella zoeas are not recorded, but they can be separated on the spinulation of the dorsal spine (present in Q. maculosa absent in Q. serenei). The first stage zoea of Q. maculosa is compared with that of Tetralia rubridactyla and Trapezia richtersi. But although Quadrella and Tetralia appear superficially similar in that both have two pairs of lateral carapace spines (vs. one pair in Trapezia), other observations imply that Tetralia zoeas may have closer affinities with Trapezia rather than with Quadrella. However, this appears to contradict recent phylogentic relationships based on adult morphology.

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