Downslope soil detachment–transport on steep slopes via rain splash

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This study developed a one-dimensional model of downslope rain splash transport based on field experiments and previous studies. The developed model considers soil detachment processes, ground cover, probability densities, and the effect of overland run-off in preventing detachment. Field monitoring was conducted to observe precipitation run-off, ground cover, and sediment production on steep hillslopes. Field-observed data were used to develop the splash detachment rate equation, probability densities for splash transport, and the maximum splash transport distance. Observed and estimated splash transport showed overall agreement, with some differences for small storm events or events with relatively low intensity, probably caused by variation of overland run-off depth and connectivity as well as differences in soil surface cohesion at various degrees of wetness. Our model can provide insights on the interactions among rainfall intensity, soil surface condition, soil wetness, and splash transport on forested hillslopes. Copyright © 2011 John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.

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