Mössbauer and magnetic study of silicon substituted cobalt ferrite

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Silicon substituted cobalt ferrites have been investigated for improved performance as stress sensing materials. A series of samples with the formulae CoSixFe2 − xO4 were prepared using conventional powder ceramic technique. X-ray diffraction patterns were taken to examine spinel crystal structures and energy dispersive spectrometry was done to confirm Si segregations at the grain boundaries. Magnetic and magneto-strictive measurements were carried out to evaluate the material performance. Mössbauer spectra were taken on selective samples to understand the cationic distribution responsible for the modification of properties. The variations are explained on the basis of the strength of the exchange interactions between cations, and anisotropy contributions of cobalt ions. The results demonstrate the possibility of controlling magnetic and magneto-mechanical properties such as Curie temperature and strain derivative through Co and Si substitutions.

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