Mössbauer study on indium tin oxides (ITO) doped with Fe

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InSnFe mixed oxides were prepared by a sol–gel method, and were investigated by Mössbauer spectrometry and magnetization measurements. The magnetic relaxation peaks in addition to paramagnetic peaks were observed in Mössbauer spectra. Most of Fe3+ species (D1) occupy 24d site of bixbyite structure, and the other Fe3+ species (D2) occupy 8b site. The area intensity ratio of two doublets for sample with x = 0.06 and y = 0.06 was most perfectly consistent with the ratio of d/b site occupations (24/8); this sample showed the highest magnetization among these samples. Fired ash of In oxide (5%Fe), which showed ferromagnetism, consisted of γ Fe2O3 segregated oxides.

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