(Ni, Zn, Sn) Ru and (Ni, Sn) Sn substituted barium ferrite prepared by mechanical alloying

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NiRu, ZnRu, SnRu and SnSn mixtures considerably improved the saturation magnetization, Ms with low substitution values; diminishing quickly at the same times the coercivity, Hci to suitable values for high-density magnetic recording applications. On the other hand, the NiSn mixture also decreased the coercivity rapidly however without enhancing the saturation magnetization. The shown differences on magnetic properties were mainly due both to magnetic nature of divalent ion and to secondary phase apparitions. The mixtures with Sn2+ as partner ion diminished markedly to Tc. The tetravalent Ru4+ ion has a special effect on magnetic properties of hexagonal ferrites (increases Ms and diminishes fast Hci with low substitutions).

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