Mixing characterization of mechanically milled Fe75Si15M10 powders using Mössbauer spectroscopy

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Mixing characteristics of Si and Al or Cr in Fe has been studied in ball milled Fe75Si15M10 (with M = Al, Cr) alloys in detail. Mössbauer spectroscopic study shows that even up to 80 h of milling a large number of iron atoms remain uninteracted and give 33.0 T sextet. The portion which mixes up gives a magnetic component with 31.5 T of Bhf and paramagnetic components showing up in doublets. It is proposed that Fe diffuses in the matrices of the other elements and vice versa. This is in contrast to our earlier studies on ball milled Fe–Cr alloy where Fe shows no sign of diffusion in Cr, but Cr diffuses in Fe freely.

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