Magnetic, Mössbauer and X-ray photoelectron spectroscopic investigations on nanocrystalline Fe3Mo3N, FeMoN2 and Ni3Mo3N nitrides

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Nanocrystalline Fe3Mo3N, FeMoN2 and Ni3Mo3N interstitial nitrides having particle sizes of 32, 50 and 80 nm respectively, were synthesized by molybdate precursor route. The nanocrystalline nature was examined by XRD and SEM. Both, the field and temperature dependence of magnetic characteristics indicate paramagnetic behavior of the materials and the possible presence of magnetic contamination in the nitride materials. We examine the Mössbauer spectroscopic investigations in order to probe the magnetic characteristics and contaminations therein. X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy (XPS) study corroborates the possible presence of magnetic oxide phases at the surface of the Fe3Mo3N and Ni3Mo3N nano-particles. In summary, this paper investigates the magnetic properties of newer nitrides with appropriate corroboration with the Mössbauer and XPS studies.

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