Micromethod for the Assay of Renin Seven Species

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SUMMARY Renin was extracted and purified from human, dog, bog, rat, beef, rabbit and sheep kidneys. The renin “concentration” of these preparations was determined and expressed in international (Goldblatt) units by measuring the pressor effect produced by intravascular injection into normal dogs of a permanent colony. The renin “activity” was determined by bioassay, in the rat, of the angiotensin produced by incubation in vitro with renin substrate prepared from the serum of nephrectomized dogs. The rate of angiotensin formation was proportional to the concentration of renin, independent of the substrate concentration, and rather similar for renin of all seven species (mean rate = 55 X 104 ng angioten-sin/unit renin/16 hrs). Due to this uniformity, either of the two international reference preparations of renin (human or hog) from the World Health Organization can serve as an internal standard in the assay of renin of each of the seven species, to express their concentration in terms of the international unit. Renin substrate from hog plasma was suitable for the assay of human, dog and nog renin (mean rate = 55 X 10*). However, it reacted much more slowly with the renin of rat, beef, rabbit and sheep (mean rate = 9 X 104) and was, therefore, less suitable for thenassay.

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