Combination Treatment of Enalapril With Nitrendipine in Rats With Renovascular Hypertension

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We have recently shown that treatment with the calcium channel blocker nitrendipine may aggravate albuminuria and glomerular injury in rats with two-kidney, one clip renovascular hypertension if arterial blood pressure is not reduced. To test whether nitrendipine also exerts its adverse renal effects when normotension is achieved, we examined the effect of combined therapy with nitrendipine and the converting enzyme inhibitor enalapril on blood pressure, albuminuria, glomerular filtration rate, and morphology of the nonclipped kidney. Rats treated with enalapril alone or in combination with the diuretic hydrochlorothiazide or rats treated with nitrendipine alone served as controls. Therapy was started 6 weeks after clipping of one renal artery. Nitrendipine alone did not reduce blood pressure but significantly increased albuminuria, diuresis, glomerular filtration rate, and glomerular volume and injury compared with untreated hypertensive controls. Increase of glomerular filtration rate, diuresis, and albuminuria was reversible after withdrawal of nitrendipine. Treatment with enalapril alone decreased blood pressure significantly but not to normotensive levels and was without significant effect on albuminuria and glomerular morphology. The combination of nitrendipine and enalapril reduced blood pressure to normotensive levels and not only prevented the increase of glomerular volume, glomerular filtration rate, diuresis, and albuminuria caused by nitrendipine alone but furthermore improved glomerular injury and albuminuria to levels not significantly different from normotensive controls. Enalapril in combination with the diuretic had similar beneficial effects on blood pressure, albuminuria, and glomerular injury. These data demonstrate that the adverse effects of nitrendipine monotherapy on glomerular structure and function can be prevented by the combination of nitrendipine and enalapril when blood pressure is normalized.

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