Abstract 196: Role of Collecting Duct Renin in Blood Pressure Regulation

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Recent studies propose that collecting duct (CD) renin is an important modulator of blood pressure regulation, especially in conditions such as angiotensin-II infused hypertension. We used gene targeting to generate a CD-specific renin knockout (KO) to assess if CD derived renin can regulate BP. Utilizing the Cre lox P system, exon 1 of the renin gene was ablated specifically in the CD. BP was recorded via telemetry and plasma and urine were collected in metabolic cages on normal, high and low Na diets. DNA recombination showed kidney specific recombination in KO mice. Compared to floxed mice, CD renin KO mice had 70 % lower medullary renin mRNA levels and 90% lower renin mRNA in micro-dissected cortical and inner medullary CD tubules. Urinary renin levels were significantly lower in the KO mice on normal and low Na diets (45% of floxed levels) but not with high Na intake. Plasma renin concentration was significantly higher in the KO mice on all three diets. While BP was similar between the two groups on all three diets, infusion of Ang-II delayed the increase in BP in the CD renin KO group for at least 4 days post-infusion. These findings suggest that CD renin likely plays a role in normal BP regulation (evidenced by an increase in PRC) and in response to AngII infusion.

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