Abstract 626: Caveolin-1 (CAV1) Levels Determine the Cell Surface Expression of the Dopamine D1-like Receptors

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In human renal proximal tubule cells, the dopamine-1 receptor (D1R) increases cAMP production and negatively regulates sodium transport. Defects in D1R signaling have been associated with SNPs in G-protein coupled receptor kinase type 4 (GRK4), which hyperphosphorylates and decreases D1R function, leading to sodium retention. We have previously shown that knockdown of CAV1 in proximal tubule cells impairs sodium transport. In this report we show that CAV1 reduction, knockdown or knockout leads to decreased dopamine D1-like receptor binding at the proximal tubule cell surface. Dopamine D1-like brush border and cell surface binding was measured using Bodipy-FL conjugated SKF83566. WT and Caveolin 1 knockout (CAV1KO) kidney cortex brush border membrane isolation was performed by magnetic lotus tetragonolobus agglutinin affinity purification and fluorescent SKF83566 binding by microplate fluorometry. CAV1KO had a 35.8±3.3% decrease in binding vs WT (p<0.01, n=6 per group, WT level 18,492 RFU above background). In hTERT immortalized human renal proximal tubule cell lines, lentiviral shRNAi CAV1 stable knockdown cell lines had a 76.4±2.5%, p<0.001 n=4, reduction in CAV1 expression by western blot. Cell surface D1-like receptor binding was reduced by 34.0±1.3% (p<0.001, n=4) in the CAV1 knockdown cell lines (scrambled control levels 117193 RFU). We previously have shown that CAV1 expression is dramatically reduced in the hypertensive SHR proximal tubule cell line vs the normotensive WKY proximal tubule cell line. The SHR cell line had a 57.5±1.2% (p<0.001, n=7) reduction in D1-like receptor binding (WKY 116114 RFU). Re-expression of rat CAV1 alpha or CAV1 beta isoform in the SHR cell line by stable lentiviral infection increased binding by 51.6±2.1%, and 63.3±1.6% respectively (p<0.01, n=14). Sodium transport was decreased by CAV1 alpha and CAV1 beta expression in SHR cell lines. The average number of domes per 10x objective fields of view was 9.5±1.6 in SHR cell, 4.5±0.3 in SHR CAV1alpha (p<0.05, n=4 vs SHR) and in SHR CAV1beta 5.0±0.3 (p<0.05, n=4 vs SHR). In mouse, rat, and human renal proximal tubule cells, CAV1 is necessary for dopamine D1-like receptor cell surface localization and for normal dopaminergic inhibition of sodium transport.

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