Abstract 641: Expression Of GLUT4 In Vascular Smooth Muscle Affects Endothelial Function In Hypertension.

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Expression of GLUT4 is decreased in arterial smooth muscle of hypertensive rats and mice, and total body overexpression of GLUT4 in mice prevents enhanced arterial reactivity. To demonstrate that the effect on vascular response to GLUT4 overexpression is vascular rather than systemic in origin we utilized smooth muscle-specific GLUT4 transgenic mice (SMG4). GLUT4 expression in aortae of SMG4 compared to WT mice was increased 2-3 fold. Adult wild-type (WT) and SMG4 mice were made hypertensive or not through implantation of angiotensin II (AngII; 1.4mg/kg/d for 2 wks) or vehicle containing osmotic mini-pumps. Both WT and SMG4 mice AngII-treated mice exhibited significantly increased systolic blood pressure. In AngII-treated WT mice (WT-AngII) aortic GLUT4 expression was significantly decreased, whereas GLUT4 expression in aortae of AngII-treated SMG4 mice (SMG4-AngII) was maintained. The phosphorylation of ERM and MYPT1(Thr850) were significantly increased in aortae of WT-AngII compared to WT-Sham and SMG4-AngII mice. Responsiveness to the contractile agonists, phenylephrine, 5-HT, and PGF2 was significantly increased in endothelium-intact aortic rings from WT-AngII mice, but remained normal in aortae of SMG4-AngII mice. Following pretreatment with Rho-kinase inhibitor Y-27632, relative inhibition of contractility to 5-HT was equal in aortae from WT-AngII and SMG4-AngII-treated mice. With endothelial denudation, contractility to 5-HT was equally enhanced in aortae of WT-AngII and SMG4-AngII-treated mice. Interestingly, whereas acetylcholine stimulated relaxation was significantly decreased in aortic rings of WT-AngII mice, relaxation in rings from SMG4-AngII mice was not significantly different from WT or SMG4. These results demonstrate an interesting phenomenon whereby decreased expression of GLUT4 in vascular smooth muscle leads to an endothelial dysfunction that not only impairs relaxation, but also enhances contractility.

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