Progress in the pumping of gamma-ray laser
K-mixing in nuclear reactions
Gamma-ray lasing by free nuclei and bymatter-antimatter beams
Radiation machines for gamma-ray laser research
The inelastic channel in time-domain Mössbauer spectroscopy
The importance of stimulated gamma release from isomers
Separation of an isotope as a precursor of a gamma-ray laser medium
Production, chemical and isotopic separation of the 178m2Hf high-spin isomer
Evidence for K mixing in 178Hf
Limits on spurious contributions to integrated cross sections for photoexcitation and de-excitation of isomers
Excitation of the high-spin 180Hf isomer and de-excitation of the 180Ta isomer in(γ, γ′) reactions
A mechanism for excitation of metastable levels by(γ, γ′) reactions
Lasing without inversion : problems and prospects
Emission of gamma rays by electron-nuclear double transitions
Lasing without inversion due to cooling subsystem
Sub-threshold inversionless quasi-stationary gamma amplification on the basis of Mössbauer 57Fenuclei and spin-crossover systems in non-conductive complex compounds with 57Co
Gamma-ray tuning by stimulated emission of recoil phonons
Experiments on the gravity effect on the109Ag gamma resonance
Recoil-free resonant gamma-ray absorption in57Fe nuclei in the presence of a strong microwave field
Mössbauer transition dynamics in conditions of strong excitation of nuclear spins
The problem of gamma-laser and controlling of Mössbauer nuclei decay (theory and practice)
Inhomogeneous and homogeneous broadening effects on nuclear resonance experiments
Models for homogeneous line broadening in long-lived nuclear states
Quantum interferences at nuclear level crossing
Quantum optics with nuclear gamma radiation
Two-photon cooperative emission in the presence of athermal electromagnetic field
Theory of single-photon echo (SP-echo) and thepossibility of its experimental study in the gamma-region
Dicke superrradiance in a biphenyl crystal doped with pyrene molecules and the possibility of this phenomenon in the gamma range
Superfluorescence in the presence of inhomogeneous broadening and relaxation
Time-domain, nuclear-resonant, forward scattering : the classical approach
Collective polynuclear superradiance rather than stimulated emission of Mössbauer radiation from125m2Te and 123m2Te
X-ray generation in inverse capillary discharges for pumping
Stimulation of beta-decay by laser radiation
Possibilities for gamma-ray stimulated emission experiments
Gamma-ray solid laser : the heat problem and means of solution
Gamma-ray solid laser : realization of pumping
Gamma-ray solid laser : ion-optical system for fast high-quality focusing of powerful non-paraxial ion beams of large format enriched with excited nuclei