QED of strong fields : Status and recent developments
Experimental tests of QED in strong central fields
Dielectronic recombination of lithium-like gold : Towards QED tests
The two-photon decay in helium-like gold
Quantum electrodynamics of weakly bound systems
Experimental tests of quantum electrodynamics in weak field
Tests of quantum mechanics with single atoms in high Q cavities
The measurement of vacuum polarization : The PVLAS experiment
High-precision storage ring for g-2 of the muon and possible applications in particle and heavy ion physics
Continuous measurements in quantum systems
Hyperfine structure of highly charged ions
Laser spectroscopy of the 1s HFS of H-like ions at a bunched beam in the storage ring ESR
QED and hyperfine splitting in the 2s1/2–2p3/2 X-ray transition in lithium-like Bi80+*
6s and 8d state self-energy for hydrogen-like ions and new results on the self-energy screening
High precision X-ray spectroscopy in hydrogen-like fermionic and bosonic atomic systems
Study of electron bremsstrahlung in strong Coulomb fields at the ESR storage ring
Higher-order effects studied for K-shell excitation of high-Z projectiles
Mass measurements of few-electron systems in Penning traps
Comment on the accuracy of the total energy of atoms*
Laser spectroscopy of the 1s22s2p 3P2–3P1 transition in beryllium-like argon using the Oxford EBIT
Sub-Doppler Rydberg spectroscopy by laser-induced two-step recombination at the ESR
C+ and C++ ion densities scaling in laser plasmas by ultraviolet photoabsorption spectroscopy
Many-body perturbation theory applied to dielectronic recombination resonances
Recent dielectronic recombination experiments
Recombination experiments at CRYRING
Molecular dynamics simulations on density enhancement near ions at rest in electron plasmas*
Field enhanced dielectronic recombination of Si11+ ions
Recombination of Au25+ with free electrons at low energies
Recombination of U89+ ions with free electrons at the ESR
Angular distribution of photons in dielectronic recombination
Recombination of Sc3+ ions with free electrons
REC investigations with the ESR storage ring at relativistic velocities
Dissociative recombination of 3HeH+ : comparison of spectra obtained with 100, 10 and 1 meV temperature electron beams
Beam lifetimes of low-charged ions in storage rings