Kaonic hydrogen – past puzzles
Final results on the μ3He-capture experiment and perspectives for μp-capture studies
Symmetry tests within the Standard Model and beyond from nuclear muon capture
Protonium X-ray spectroscopy
Observation of kaonic hydrogen atom X-ray
Disentangling the K-complex of kaonic hydrogen with DEAR
Measurement of strong interaction parameters in antiprotonic hydrogen and deuterium
Hydrogen–antihydrogen interactions at low energies
Determination of the proton and neutron densities at the nuclear periphery with antiprotonic X-rays and JOURNAL/hyint/04.02/00009437-199911810-00010/ENTITY_OV0407/v/2017-10-10T044410Z/r/image-png -nucleus reactions
Measuring the Michel parameter ξ″
Hydrogen/deuterium-mixtures as a laboratory for the study of the muonic cascade and muon-catalyzed fusion
Resonant formation measurements of dtμ via time of flight
Temperature and density dependence of μ-catalysis cycling rate in dense D/T and H/D/T gas mixtures
Novel method for MCF study in a dense D/T mixture, first experimental results
First measurements of dtμ cycle characteristics in liquid H/D/T mixture
Muon catalyzed fusion in deuterium gas
First observation of spin flip in dμ-atoms via formation and back decay of ddμ molecules
Study of muon catalyzed dd-fusion in HD gas
Mesic molecules formation in solid deuterium
Time-of-flight spectroscopy of muonic tritium
Time-of-flight studies of emission of μt from frozen hydrogen films
Study of μ-catalyzed fusion in H–D mixtures
Search for muon catalyzed d 3He-fusion
Measurement of the fusion rate in μd 3He
Nuclear fusion rates from resonant states of 3Hedμ molecular ion
Influence of ion–molecular reactions on μ-capture in hydrogen and on fusion in 3Hedμ muonic molecule
Insights on dμt sticking from dμd stripping and μ 3He capture
Measurement of X-rays from muon to alpha sticking and fusion neutrons in solid/liquid D–T mixtures of high tritium concentration
Measurement of the Kβ/Kα ratio for muon alpha sticking X-rays in muon catalyzed d–t fusion at the RIKEN-RAL Muon Facility
He accumulation effect in solid and liquid D–T mixture
New comprehensive calculation of muon initial sticking to 4He in dtμ fusion
Excited states of muonic helium hydride ions and their possible impact on muon reactivation
Muon catalyzed fusion and muon to 3He transfer in solid T2 studied by X-ray and neutron detection
Resonances and near-threshold scattering in 3,4Hedμ
A treatment of the tμ + D2 reaction by the methods of quantum reactive scattering
Existence and transition properties of the three-deuteron muonic molecule (3d 2e − μ −)