Site Selectivity in γ-Ray Holography
Quantum Barrier Penetration Studies with Oriented Nuclei : Proton and Neutron Emission from Exotic Isotopes
On-line Time Differential Perturbed Angular Correlation with Light Probe Nucleus 19F
80mBr/80Br – A New Electron-Gamma PAC Probe
Improving the Energy Resolution of BaF2 Scintillators by Cooling
Monochromatic, Cicularly Polarized Resonant Radiation in the Investigation of Magnetic Materials
Static Moments of Neutron-Rich Ground States and Isomers Produced by Projectile Fragmentation
Hyperfine Magnetic Anomaly in Atomic Spectra of Rare-Earth Elements
Nuclear Moment Studies with Polarized Radioactive Nuclear Beams
Hyperfine Interactions of N Isotopes in TiO2 and Quadrupole Moment of 16N
A Possible Nuclear Spin Dewar. Hyperfine Interactions of Short-Lived β Emitter 8Li and 12B in TiO2
Nuclear g-Factor Measurement of the 9/2− Isomeric State in 171Ta
g-Factor Measurements of Rotational States in 84,86Zr
Development of a Detector System for Transient Magnetic Field Experiments with Radioactive-Isotope Beams and a Test Experiment
Magnetic Moment Measurement of Short Lived States via the Doppler Shift Transient Field Method
Precise Quadrupole Moment of the Doubly Closed Shell Plus One Proton Nucleus 41Sc
Nuclear Spin Alignment of 12,13B Produced in Heavy Ion Collisions
Recent Trends in Low-Temperature Nuclear Orientation and Nuclear Magnetic Resonance on Oriented Nuclei
Mössbauer Studies on Magnetic Multilayers
Dimensional Crossover of Magnetic Transition in Diluted Ising Spin Nets Probed by Muon Spin Relaxation
The Magnetism of Frustrated RFe6Al6 Compounds Studied by μSR and Mössbauer Spectroscopy
Ferromagnetic Semiconductors Studied by Hyperfine Interaction of Nuclear Probes
Magnetic Properties of Grain Boundaries of Nanocrystalline Ni and of Ni Precipitates in Nanocrystalline NiCu Alloys
Multiple Phase Transitions in CuO Studied by μSR
Magnetic Properties of Monocrystal 57Fe/V Multilayers Investigated by CEMS, Nuclear Resonance Reflectivity in the Time Domain and Polarized Neutron Scattering
μSR Study of the Unusual Magnetic Ordering in the Frustrated Antiferromagnet Zn(Cr x Ga1−x )2O4
NMRON Study of Magnetically Ordered (166m Ho)HoF3
A μSR Study of Er Spin Dynamics in (Y1−x Er x )Ni2B2C Superconductors
MAPON EFG Result for 54Mn in Cubic Cobalt
Hyperfine Study on Mechanically Alloyed Fe–Mn Systems
Hyperfine Fields of 181Ta in UFe4Al8
Hyperfine Interactions of 12B in CaB6
Hyperfine Interactions in CeT2Ge2 (T = Mn, Co) Heavy Fermions Compounds Measured by TDPAC
Supertransferred Hyperfine Magnetic Fields at 111Cd Impurity Sites in Cd x Fe3−x O4 and Zn x Fe3−x O4
Local Moment of Ir in Fe, Co and Ni Hosts Probed by Ir L 2,3 Edge X-Ray Magnetic Circular Dichroism
Hyperfine Interactions in Tb3In5
Mössbauer Study of Hexavalent Iron Compounds
Hyperfine Interactions of 8Li in Ferromagnetic Single Crystal Fe
μ+SR Study of Ordering Phenomena in the Heavy-Fermion State of Ce3Pd20Ge6
Hyperfine Interaction of 140Ce(←140La) in CaB6
Mössbauer Study of the Soft Magnetic Nanocrystalline Fe81−x Ni x Zr7B12 (x=10–40) Alloys
Superparamagnetism in Heterogeneous AgFe Thin Films – A Low Energy μSR Study
237Np Mössbauer Investigations of (U1−x Np x )2Rh2Sn
Impurities in Magnetic Insulators Studied by Low-Temperature Nuclear Orientation
Hyperfine Field in Ferromagnetic CoPd Alloys
Mössbauer Study of Magnetic FeSb Dilute System
89Y NMR Studies of MBE Grown DyFe2/YFe2 Multilayer Films
57Fe/Co Multilayers Investigated by CEMS and Nuclear Resonance Reflectivity Time Spectra Using Grazing Incident SR
Photon and Ion-Beam Induced Processes in Materials Studied by Hyperfine Interactions
Identification of Defects in Semiconductors via their Electric Field Gradients
β-NMR on Solid Single Crystal Surfaces
Powder Pattern Hyperfine Spectroscopy of Shallow- Donor Muonium Centres
Lithium in In2S3
Quadrupole Interaction of 99Ru in Pr, Nd and 100Rh in Tb Hosts
Influence of the Swift Heavy Ion Irradiation on the Short Range Order in Amorphous FeNiSiB Alloys
Hyperfine Interactions of Pm in Nd and Gd Hosts
Lattice Locations of 8Li and 12N in Al
Measurement of Quadrupole Interactions in LaMO3 (M = Cr, Fe, Co) Perovskites by TDPAC
Hyperfine Interaction of Metamict Zircon Studied by PAC Spectroscopy
Concentration Dependence of the Electric Field Gradient in PbZr1−x Ti x O3 Ceramics
Hyperfine Interaction of 111Cd in Fe3Sn Compound
The Electric Field Gradients in (Zr/Hf)Al3 and (Zr/Hf)2Al3 Intermetallic Compounds Studied by 181Ta- and 111Cd-PAC Spectroscopy
Hyperfine Interactions in the Sr0.88Ba0.12HfO3 Compound
Hyperfine Interactions of 181Ta in Zr2Ni Observed Using PAC Spectroscopy
Hyperfine Parameters of η′-Cu6Sn5 and Li2CuSn
Magnetic Hyperfine Fields of 151PmFe and 147NdNi
Knight Shift of 90Nb, 93mMo, 96Tc, and 101mRh in Nb Using Brute-Force NMRON
Simulated Quadrupolar Broadening in Condensed Matter PAC Spectroscopy
Magnetic Relaxation in (Zn, Cd) x Fe1.7−x Co0.9Ti0.4O4 Spinel Oxides
Mössbauer Study of Multiple Substitutions in YBCO
Xe-Ion Irradiations of Sb/Ni Bilayers : PAC Measurements with 111In Markers
Behavior of Boron Implanted in Semiconductor Si
Lattice Location Studies of Indium in Cr2O3
EFG Studies at 111Cd in InBi Systems
Calculated Electric Field Gradients and Electronic Properties of Acceptors in CdTe
Stochastic Model of PAC Nuclear Relaxation Caused by Defects Hopping on a Simple Cubic Lattice
Electric-Field Gradients at Group-III Sites on GaAs and InAs (111)B Surfaces
Site Preference Model for Hyperfine Impurities in Compounds
Site Preferences of Hyperfine Impurities in Ni2Al3 Phases
Segregation of Solutes in Two-Phase Mixtures
Shallow-Donor Hydrogen-Like Impurities in ZnO Studied by MuSR
Polarization Factors for 57Fe Mössbauer Diffractions from Polycrystals
Hg(II) Coordination Studies in Penicillamine Enantiomers by 199mHg-TDPAC
EXAFS Studies of the Local Structure Around Zn in Cd1−x Zn x Te
Standing Wave Effects in Nuclear Resonance Bragg Reflectivity : Comparison of the Energy and Time Scales and First Experimental Results
Feasibility Study of Delay-Line Localization in a Mini-PET Scanner
Mean-Square Amplitudes of Vibration of the Metal Atom in Iron-Organometallics
Fluctuating Electric Field Gradients at 111Cd in Ice
Stripe Order and Spin Dynamics in Nickelates
μ–H Interaction in Hydrogen Bonding Systems
Muon/Muonium in an Isotopically Pure 13C Diamond
Interaction of Muons with H2/H3-Centres in Diamond
Electric Field Gradients in Metal Diborides
Hyperfine Interactions and Magnetism of 3d Transition-Metal-Impurities in II–VI and III–V Compound-Based Diluted Magnetic Semiconductors
Study of Hyperfine Fields in CeIn3 by Electronic Structure Calculations
FP-LAPW Calculations of the EFG at Cd Impurities in Rutile SnO2
First-Principles Theory of Muon and Muonium Trapping in the Protein Chain of Cytochrome c and Associated Hyperfine Interactions
Theoretical Study of Trapping Sites for Muon in the Heme Group of Cytochrome c and Associated Shifts in Muon Spin Relaxation Frequencies
Theoretical Investigation of Muon and Muonium Trapping and Hyperfine Interactions in the Chemical Ferromagnet p-NPNN (β-phase)
Determination of Easy Axis in a Chemical Ferromagnet, 4-(p-Chlorobenzylideneamino)–TEMPO (TEMPO=2,2,6,6-Tetramethylpiperidin-1-Oxyl)
Electronic Properties of MoSi2-Type Hf2X Intermetallic Compounds (X=Pd, Ag, Cd)
Theodor Schmidt and Hans Kopfermann – Pioneers in Hyperfine Physics
Author Index to Volume 136/137 (2001)