PAC Probes as Diffusion Tracers in Solids
Nuclear Spin-Lattice Relaxation of Single Crystal Sr14Cu24O41
Metal Atom Dynamics and Spin-Lattice Relaxation in Multilayer Sandwich Compounds
Comparison of the Impurity Effects on Lattice Dynamics in K2SnCl6 between Isomorphic and Nonisomorphic Systems Near the Structural Phase Transition Temperature Revealed by Nuclear Resonance
Nuclear Spin-Lattice Relaxation of 82Br Fe
Electronic Relaxation in Indium Oxide Films Studied with Perturbed Angular Correlations
Layered Inclusion Compounds Containing Aniline and Polyaniline Studied by NQR and IR Spectroscopy
High Temperature Diffusion of 6Li Adsorbed on a Ru(001) Single Crystal Surface as Seen by Pulse NMR
Structural properties of the donor indium in nanocrystalline ZnO
Grain Size Effect on the Temperature Dependence of the Electric Field Gradient in Nanocrystalline In
Split and Compensated Hyperfine Fields in Magnetic Metal Clusters
Hyperfine Fields in Nanocrystalline Fe0.48Al0.52
Mössbauer Investigation of Highly Dispersed Iron Particles in Crazed Porous Polymers
NMR Studies on the Internal Structure of High-T c Superconductors and Other Anorganic Compounds
Structure and Ionic Conductivity of Halocomplexes of Main Group Metallic Elements Studied by NMR and NQR
Phase Transition and Orientational Disorder of the Cation in [(PyO)(H/D)][AuCl4] (PyO = C5H5NO) Crystal
NQR Spin Diffusion in an Inhomogeneous Internal Field
The Nature of Line Broadening in Thermally Detected 57Fe Fe NMR
Pulsed 14N NQR Device Designed to Detect Substances in the Presence of Environmental Noise†
Some Aspects of Dynamics of Nitrogen-14 Quadrupolar Spin-System
14N Study of Aromatic Nitroso Compounds
NQR, NMR and Crystal Structure Studies of [C(NH2)3]2HgX4 (X = Br, I)
81Br NQR Study of [NH3(CH2) n NH3]CdBr4 (n = 4 and 5) and [NH3(CH2) n NH3]ZnBr4 (n = 5 and 6)
Multi-Frequency Resonances in Pure Multiple-Pulse NQR
Magnetism-Related Properties of CdSb Revealed by the Zeeman 121Sb NQR Spectra
NMR Study of the Dimerized State in CuIr2S4
Nuclear Spin Relaxation Studied by β-NMR of 12N Implanted in TiO2
NQR Study of Phase Transition and Cationic Motion in 4-NH2C5H4NHBiBr4·H2O
Comparative Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Study of As-Grown and Annealed LiInSe2 Ternary Compounds
14N Relaxation Study of 2-Nitrobenzoic Acid
NQR, NMR and Crystal Structure Studies of [C(NH2)3]3Sb2Br9
MSR Studies in the Progress Towards Diamond Electronics
Thin Film, Near-Surface and Multi-Layer Investigations by Low-Energy μ +SR
Quadrupole Moments of Na Isotopes
Hyperfine Fields of Sr and Y in Ferromagnetic Hosts, and Magnetic Moment of 93Y
Measurement of the g-Factor of the 27− High-Spin Isomer State of 152Dy
Measurement of the Magnetic Moment of the First Excited State in 93Sr Using on-line TDPAC technique
Magnetic Moment and Spin of the Extremely Proton-Rich Nucleus 23Al
Production of Nuclear Polarization of Na Isotopes at ISAC/TRIUMF and its Hyperfine Interaction
β-ray Angular Distribution from Purely Nuclear Spin Aligned 20Na
Precise Nuclear Quadrupole Moments of 8B and 13B
Nuclear Spin Orientation Created in Heavy Ion Collisions and the Sign of the Q Moment of 13B
Magnetic Moment of the 3/2− Ground State of 185W
Nuclear Spin Alignment and Alignment Correlation Terms in Mass A = 8 System
The Binding of Iron to Perineuronal Nets : A Combined Nuclear Microscopy and Mössbauer Study
DFT Study of HFI in Halogen-Containing Gold, Silver and Copper Complexes
Atomic Arrangement in B2 FeAl Prepared by Self-Propagated High-Temperature Synthesis at Varying Al Content and Annealing
The Nuclear Quadrupole Interaction of 204mPb in Lead Oxides
PAC Studies of BSA Conformational Changes
In situ 54Mn NMRON Studies of the Mixed Halide Mn(Br X Cl1−X )2 · 4H2O in Applied Magnetic Fields
The Relationship of Mössbauer Hyperfine Parameters and Structural Variations of Iron Containing Proteins and Model Compounds in Biomedical Research
The Features of Mössbauer Spectra of Hemoglobins : Approximation by Superposition of Quadrupole Doublets or by Quadrupole Splitting Distribution?
TDPAC Study of the Hydrogen Uptake Process in HfNi
High Pressure Study of HfNi Crystallographic and Electronic Structure
Recent Emission Channeling Studies in Wide Band Gap Semiconductors
NMR with Hyperpolarised Protons in Metals
A New Generation TDPAC Spectrometer
A New High-intensity, Low-momentum Muon Beam for the Generation of Low-energy Muons at PSI
A New Method to Obtain Frequency Offsets in NQR Multi-Pulse Sequences☆
A New Method of Mössbauer Spectra Treatment Based on the Method of Self-Organisation of Mathematical Models
Nuclear Spin Maser Oscillation of 129Xe by Means of Optical-Detection Feedback