Surface and Interface Magnetism Using Radioactive Probes
The Ferromagnetic Semiconductor HgCr2Se4 as Investigated with Different Nuclear Probes by the PAC Method
The Role of Nuclear Nanoprobes in Inducing Magnetic Ordering in Graphite
Heavy Ion Irradiated Ferromagnetic Films : The Cases of Cobalt and Iron
Exchange Interactions and Curie Temperatures in Dilute Magnetic Semiconductors
Sr2FeMoO6 : A Prototype to Understand a New Class of Magnetic Materials
Semiconductor Nanoparticles
Nanostructuring by Energetic Ion Beams
Xenon-ion Induced Magnetic and Structural Modifications of Ferromagnetic Alloys
Depth Resolved Structural Studies in Multilayers Using X-ray Standing Waves
Magnetic Study of Nanocrystalline Ferrites and the Effect of Swift Heavy Ion Irradiation
Preparation of Fe/Pt Films with Perpendicular Magnetic Anisotropy
Effects of Interface Roughness on Interlayer Coupling in Fe/Cr/Fe Structure
Effect of Addition of Process Control Agent (PCA) on the Nanocrystalline Behavior of Elemental Silver during High Energy Milling
Electron- and Hole-Doping Effects in Manganites Studied by X-Ray Absorption Spectroscopy
Nanoencapsulation of Fullerenes in Organic Structures with Nonpolar Cavities
Transport and Magnetic Properties of Eu and Sr Doped Manganite Compound La0.7Ca0.3MnO3
Oriented Growth of Nanocrystalline Gamma Ferric Oxide in Electrophoretically Deposited Films
Magnetic and Rheological Characterization of Fe3O4 Ferrofluid : Particle Size Effects
Magnetic Behaviour of Nano-Particles of Ni0.8Cu0.2Fe2O4
Evidence of Clustering in Heusler like Ferromagnetic Alloys
Influence of 50 MeV Lithium Ion Irradiation on Hyperfine Interactions of Cr0.5 Li0.5 Fe2O4
Concentration Dependence of Room Temperature Magnetic Ordering in Dilute Fe : Ge1 − x Te x Alloy
Magnetic Ordering in Fe0.008Ge1 − x D x (D = As, Bi)
151Eu Mössbauer Spectroscopy in La0.38Eu0.29Ca0.33MnO3