Systematic study of mechanical deformation on Fe3Al x Si1−x powders by Mössbauer spectroscopy
Magneto-crystalline properties of BaFe12−2x M x Sn x O19 (M=Sn, Ni, Zn) ferrite powders
Mössbauer studies of the re-entrant spin-glass behaviour of Fe–Al alloys
Mössbauer study on the magnetic field-induced insulator-to-metal transition in perovskite Eu0.6Sr0.4MnO3
57Fe and 151Eu Mössbauer studies of magnetoresistive Europium based cobalt perovskites
Creation of ferromagnetic properties of V-Fe and Zr-Fe alloys by hydrogen absorption
Magnetic and structural properties of the Nd2(Fe100−x Nb x )14B system prepared by arc melting
Mössbauer spectroscopic studies of Fe-20 wt.% Cr ball milled alloy
Magnetotransport and magnetic properties of sulfospinels Zn x Fe1−x Cr2S4
Antiferromagnetic TiFe2 in applied fields: : Experiment and simulation
Determination of Lamb-Mössbauer factors and lattice dynamics in some nitroprusside single crystals
Temperature dependent Mössbauer and neutron diffraction studies of Cu x Fe1−x Cr2S4 compounds
Mössbauer effect study of the decagonal quasicrystal Al65Co15Cu20
Absence of charge fluctuations of europium in metallic single crystals of EuCu2Si2
Debye temperature and magnetic ordering in K x Ba1−x Fe2S3
Mössbauer investigation of Fe0.5In1.5S3
Mössbauer study of Fe0.05Ni0.95Cl2
Formation of Fe i −B pairs in silicon at high temperatures
Identification of substitutional and interstitial Fe in 6H-SiC
Mössbauer and magnetic study of Mn2+- and Cr3+-substituted spinel magnesioferrites of the composition Mg1−xMnxFe2−2xCr2xO4
Critical behavior of La0.67−y(Sr, Ba, Ca)0.33+yMn1−xSnxO3 (x=0.01, 0.02, y=0, 0.07) perovskites
Magnetization and magnetostriction studies of TbFeCo/YFeCo multilayers
Thickness dependence of the magnetic anisotropy of Fe layers separated by Al
CEMS characterisation of Fe/high-κ oxide interfaces
Hematite thin films: : Growth and characterization
Mössbauer and optical investigation of Co3−x Fe x O4 thin films grown by sol-gel process
Mössbauer spectroscopical investigation of the exchange biased Fe/MnF2 interface
Intermixing during epitaxial growth and Mössbauer spectroscopy with probe layers
Mössbauer and SEM study of Fe-Al film
Light-induced spin crossover observed for a Fe(II) complex embedded in a Nafion membrane