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Tests of fundamental symmetries and interactions – using nuclei and lasers
Experimental test of special relativity by laser spectroscopy
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Penning trap mass spectrometry for nuclear structure studies
Precision spectroscopy at heavy ion ring accelerator SIS300
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Nuclei near the closed shells N=20 and N=28
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Nuclear charge radii and electromagnetic moments of scandium isotopes and isomers in the f7/2 shell
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Study of the neutron deficient 182–190Pb isotopes by simultaneous atomic- and nuclear-spectroscopy
Experimental investigation of the stability diagram for Paul traps in the case of praseodymium ions
Correlation effects on the charge radii of exotic nuclei
Testing QED with resonance conversion
Effect of preparation conditions on chemical order and magnetic properties in MnFe2O4 and MnGa1Fe1O4
The electric quadrupole interaction of 111Cd in ZrZn2 and Zn in the samples prepared at 8 GPa
PAC experiments for a short range study of the Zr(10%Pr)O2 solid solution
Transformation of the Fe-mineral associations in coal during gasification
Mössbauer study of the (Ru1-xFex)Sr2GdCu2O8-δ system and two of its possible impuritiesm : SrRuO3 and Gd2CuO4