Beta decay of highly charged ions
Atomic spectroscopy of trapped, highly charged, heavy ions
Direct mass measurements of exotic nuclei at the FRS-ESR facility at GSI
Simulating the stopping dynamics of highly charged ions in an ultra-cold, strongly coupled plasma
The cyclotron gas stopper project at the NSCL
Ion detection from beta decay and two-body decay experiments with laser-cooled atoms
A new experimental approach for isochronous mass measurements of short-lived exotic nuclei with the FRS-ESR facility
Direct mass measurements of neutron-deficient 152Sm projectile fragments at the FRS-ESR facility
Isobar separation at FRS-ESR – a development towards pure isomeric stored beams
Enhanced electron–ion recombination in ion storage rings : Influence of transient field effects
Q value related mass determinations using a Penning trap
A high-current electron beam ion trap as an on-line charge breeder for the high precision mass measurement TITAN experiment
The HITRAP project at GSI : Trapping and cooling of highly-charged ions in a Penning trap
A cooler ion trap for the TITAN on-line trapping facility at TRIUMF
The LEBIT facility at MSU : High-precision mass measurements at a fragmentation facility
The TITAN mass measurement facility at TRIUMF-ISAC
Mass measurements in the endpoint region of the rp-process at SHIPTRAP
Experimental studies at JYFLTRAP : Recent data on superallowed beta decays and progress in trap-assisted spectroscopy
Laser spectroscopy of trapped 7Be and 10Be at a prototype slow RI-beam facility of RIKEN
Beam purification techniques for low energy rare isotope beams from a gas cell
First tests of the TITAN digital RFQ beam cooler and buncher
A new Channeltron-detector setup for precision mass measurements at ISOLTRAP
Towards cooling of high-intensity ion beams