Kaonic helium atoms
Kaonic atoms measurements at the DAΦNE accelerator
X-ray spectroscopy of light hadronic atoms
Pionic atom factory project in the RIBF : Spectroscopy of pionic atom in 122Sn (d, 3He) Nuclear Reaction
Unified approach to nuclear densities from exotic atoms
Observation of πK-atoms with DIRAC-II
Pionic deuterium
Nucleon recoil for low-energy antikaon-deuteron scattering
Line shape of the μH(3p−1s) transition
Antikaon-nucleon scattering lengths
Recent topics of mesic atoms and mesic nuclei : φ mesic nuclei exist?
Towards more exoticness—X-ray spectroscopy of Ξ− atoms at J-PARC
Perspectives of the Ξ−-atom spectroscopy at PANDA
Accurate evaluation of the 1s wave functions of kaonic hydrogen
Muon capture in hydrogen and deuterium
2S state and Lamb shift in muonic hydrogen
Muon spectroscopy with trace alkaline-earth and rare-earth isotopes implanted in solid D2
Coulomb spheroidal representation in the hyperspherical approach to the three-body problem
An analytic and parameter-free wavefunction for studying the stability of three-body systems
Calculations of the cascade characteristics for hadronic hydrogen atoms based on a quantum-classical approach
Accurate ground state wavefunctions for several three-body systems
Determination of the hadronic width of the ground state in pionic hydrogen
Density effect in d-d catalyzed fusion with ortho-and para-enriched deuterium
Overview of JOURNAL/hyint/04.02/00009437-200919310-00026/OV0579/v/2017-10-10T044531Z/r/image-png N and JOURNAL/hyint/04.02/00009437-200919310-00026/OV0579/v/2017-10-10T044531Z/r/image-png -nucleus dynamics
Recent results on the search of bound kaonic states in nuclei with FINUDA
First exclusive measurements of the K − pp state populated in the pp → K + Λp reaction at 2.85 GeV
Search for kaonic nuclear state, K − pp, in the p+p→X+K + reaction with FOPI
The AMADEUS experiment at DAΦNE and the analysis of KLOE data in the search for kaonic nuclear clusters
OBELIX results on Kaonic Nuclear Clusters production by antiproton annihilation at rest on 4He
K − absorption in nuclei by two and three nucleons
Multi- JOURNAL/hyint/04.02/00009437-200919310-00033/OV0407/v/2017-10-10T044531Z/r/image-png configurations and the limit of kaon condensation
The JOURNAL/hyint/04.02/00009437-200919310-00034/OV0579/v/2017-10-10T044531Z/r/image-png N → πΣ decay threshold effect in 3He(in-flight K −, n) reaction spectrum
Phenomenological JOURNAL/hyint/04.02/00009437-200919310-00035/OV0579/v/2017-10-10T044531Z/r/image-png N interaction with isospin-breaking effects
Effective JOURNAL/hyint/04.02/00009437-200919310-00036/OV0579/v/2017-10-10T044531Z/r/image-png N interaction with strong πΣ dynamics constrained by chiral SU(3) symmetry
Chiral SU(3) dynamics and the quasibound K − pp cluster
Baryon resonances as hadronic molecule states with kaons
Status of neutrinoless double beta decay searches
An experiment to measure the bound-β- decay of the free neutron
CPT and Lorentz-invariance violation
Quantum Gravity, CPT symmetry and entangled states
Gravitational physics with antimatter
Measuring the antihydrogen fall
Planned measurement of the ground-state hyperfine splitting of antihydrogen
Antihydrogen (hydrogen) atom formation
Efficient Rydberg positronium laser excitation for antihydrogen production in a magnetic field
Perspectives of laser-stimulated antihydrogen formation
The feasibility of the TRIC experiment at COSY
Precision spectroscopy of metastable hydrogen and antihydrogen with a Lamb-shift polarimeter