Inter-relationships between Sodium and Potassium Intake and the Blood Pressure Effects of ACTH in Sheep

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These studies examine the effect of sodium (Na) and potassium (K) intake on the pressor and metabolic actions of ACTH (20 μg/kg/day) in sheep. After 21 days on each of five regimens in which Na and K intake varied from 0 to 100 mmol/day, no simple relationship between Na and K intake and blood pressure was found. After five days of ACTH treatment, mean arterial pressure (MAP) rose + 5 mmHg in sheep on 0 mmol Na, 0 mmol K (expressed as 0 Na 0 K); + 13 mmHg on 10 Na 700 K; + 5 mmHg on 0 Na 700 K; + 20 mmHg on 700 Na 0 K and + 24 mmHg on 700 Na 700 K.Plasma [K] was unchanged by ACTH on 0 Na 0 K but fell in sheep on the other electrolyte regimens. Water intake increased with ACTH on all regimens except 700 Na 0 K. Blood aldosterone concentration was high in sheep maintained on 0 Na regimens but lower after five days of ACTH treatment in all groups. Blood cortisol and corticosterone concentrations increased with ACTH on all regimens studied.

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