Morphometric Studies on the Rat Renal Papilla of Resistant and Sensitive Strains in Partial Nephrectomy Salt Hypertension

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The renomedullary interstitial cell (RIC) was studied morphometrically in the partial nephrectomy-salt (Chanutin-Ferris) model of hypertension. The RIC were compared in four strains of rat, two of them being resistant to the induction of this form of hypertension and two of them being sensitive. The Dahl salt-resistant (R/JR) rat was compared to a commercial Sprague-Dawley (SD) strain, and a Wistar derived strain discovered in Belgrade by Susic and Kentera (WB) was compared to a commercial Wistar strain (W). In both studies, resistance and sensitivity correlated well with the state of the RIC before the experimental procedure, the resistant strain having more numerous and better granulated RIC than the sensitive strain. It may therefore be possible to predict salt-resistance or sensitivity in rats by morphological examination of the RIC.Journal of Hypertension 2:419-425, 1984

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