Alterations in Binding Sites for Atrial Natriuretic Factor in Kidneys and Adrenal Glands of Dahl Hypertension-Sensitive Rats

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Binding sites for atrial natriuretic factor (ANF) were studied in kidneys and adrenal glands of 7− and 10-week-old male Dahl hypertension-sensitive (S/JR) and hypertension-resistant (R/JR) rats by quantitative autoradiography. Binding sites for 125I-ANF-28 in kidney were highly localized and of high density in the glomeruli; binding sites were less concentrated in the renal papilla. In adrenal gland, binding sites for 125I-ANF-28 were highly concentrated in the zona glomerulosa, but were of a very low density in the inner adrenal cortex. At 7 weeks of age, the maximum binding capacity (Bmax) for 125I-ANF-28 in kidney glomeruli was increased by 21% in S/JR rats compared with R/JR rats. From 7 to 10 weeks of age, decreases in Bmax for 125I-ANF-28 in glomeruli occurred, with no apparent difference between strains. Strain or age differences in the affinity constant (Ka) for 125I-ANF did not occur in the kidney. In adrenal zona glomerulosa, the Bmax for 125I-ANF-28 binding was similar for S/JR and R/JR rats at 7 weeks of age. At 10 weeks of age, however, Bmax for 125I-ANF-28 in adrenal zona glomerulosa was increased by 19% in S/JR rats compared with age-matched R/JR controls. These findings suggest that alterations may occur in ANF binding sites in kidney and adrenal gland of S/JR rats in response to the sharp increase in blood pressure that is characteristic of rats of this strain.

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