Cytosolic free calcium in platelets: relationships to blood pressure and indices of systemic calcium metabolism

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Relationships between cytosolic free calcium ([Ca2+]i) in platelets, indices of systemic calcium metabolism and blood pressure were examined in 86 subjects; 29 patients with untreated and 29 patients with treated essential hypertension, six patients with borderline hypertension and 22 healthy reference subjects. In order to analyse interactions between the variables, multivariate statistical analyses were employed.The patients with untreated hypertension had higher [Ca2+]i values in non-activated platelets (P = 0.04) and lower levels of plasma ionized calcium (P = 0.02) than the reference subjects. In multivariate models analysing platelet [Ca2+]i mean blood pressure (MBP), plasma ionized calcium, serum parathyroid hormone (PTH) and body mass index (BMI), the relationship between platelet [Ca2+]i and blood pressure was attenuated (P = 0.13), whereas the inverse relationships between plasma ionized calcium and MBP (P = 0.01) and between platelet [Ca2+]i and serum PTH (P = 0.06) seen in univariate analyses persisted.According to the multivariate models the [Ca2+]i value explained only 5% of the MBP variability. Thus, the data from this investigation do not support a close relationship between basal platelet [Ca2+]i and blood pressure. The inverse relationship between plasma ionized calcium and blood pressure, independent of platelet [Ca2+]i and serum PTH, suggests a direct interaction between plasma ionized calcium and blood pressure regulation.

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