Interference with dietary habits in young hypertension-prone subjects

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There is growing evidence that the roots of primary hypertension are found in childhood. Since the pathophysiological phenomena that accompany high blood pressure may change during its development, research into the aetiology of hypertension should include relatively young subjects. Altering the blood pressure in children and young adults may also help to prevent hypertension. Unfortunately, it is still difficult to predict which young subjects will become hypertensive later in life. Dietary habits appear to be an important determinant of blood pressure level. Studies on dietary changes in young subjects with elevated blood pressure could therefore provide an insight into the pathophysiological mechanisms linking environment and blood pressure. They may also indicate what preventive measures may be taken in that age group. However, before practical measures can be taken, more studies are needed to clarify both the beneficial and adverse effects that interference with dietary habits may have on young hypertension-prone subjects

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