An analysis of spontaneous hypertension in spontaneously hypertensive rats by means of new recombinant inbred strains

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The mode of blood pressure inheritance and some genetic markers of spontaneous hypertension were evaluated in a new set of recombinant inbred (RI) strains obtained by crossing of normotensive (BN.Ix) and hypertensive (SHR) progenitor strains. Blood pressure values of RI strains were continuously distributed between both progenitor strains, although normotensive strains slightly prevailed. Statistical analysis suggested that there are three major genes and multiple minor genes responsible of the determination of spontaneous hypertension. The association between blood pressure and gene(s) within RT1 complex or gene(s) closely linked to it was found by RI strain analysis. This suggestion was confirmed by the detection of significant difference in blood pressure between SHR and SHR.1N congenic strains. Our results indicate that RT1 complex gene(s) may be involved in the development of high blood pressure.

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