Erythrocyte cation transport systems and plasma lipids in a general male population

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The relationships between five erythrocyte cation transport systems (Na+ -K+ pump, Na+ -K+ cotransport, Na+ -Li+ countertransport and Na+ and K+ passive permeabilities) and plasma lipids (total plasma cholesterol, high-density lipoprotein cholesterol and triglycerides) were investigated in 129 male adult subjects with no known history of hypertension. Na+ and K+ erythrocyte contents were also considered for their possible relationships with plasma lipids. Na+ -K+ cotransport and passive Na+ permeability were both significantly correlated with plasma triglycerides. Conversely, no significant correlation was found between erythrocyte cation transport systems or erythrocyte cation contents and total cholesterol. These findings suggest that plasma lipids can modulate erythrocyte ion transport activity in the general population.

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