Basic methodology in the molecular characterization of genes

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Purpose:During the past two decades, molecular biology techniques have had an increasing impact upon hypertension research. This article will thus review the basic methodology in this field.Contents:Protocols are described for the establishment of a genomic library and its use for the cloning of specific genes, as well as methods for the detection and sequencing of DNA. In addition, techniques to detect and quantify specific messenger RNA, such as Northern blotting, ribonuclease protection assay and in situ hybridization, and the reporter gene approach for the analysis of regulatory gene sequences, are included. The polymerase chain reaction which, as a newly established technique to detect and amplify DNA, has exerted a strong influence upon all areas of molecular biology is the subject of the concluding paragraph.Conclusions:Molecular biology techniques may be of substantial help in revealing the cause of hypertension and developing tools to prevent and treat this disorder.

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