Nailfold microcirculation in normotensive and essential hypertensive subjects, as assessed by video-microscopy

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Objective:To compare morphological and hemodynamic parameters of skin microcirculation in the fingertip in patients with essential hypertension and normotensive control subjects.Design:Consecutive sample of patients.Methods:Digital capillary blood flow measurements under normal and cooled conditions were assessed by nailfold video capillaroscopy using the technique of flying spot.Results:There was a significant reduction in capillary density in hypertensive patients, compared with normotensive subjects There was a correlation between capillary density and mean diastolic blood pressure. After local cooling, the frequency of the blood flow stop was significantly higher in hypertensive patients.Conclusion:The finding of abnormal vasoconstriction in finger microcirculation in essential hypertension suggests a vasospastic tendency in the disease.

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