Immunoreactive endogenous ouabain primary aldosteronism and essential hypertension: relationship with plasma renin, aldosterone and blood pressure levels

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Objective:To investigate the role of ouabain in human hypertension and to establish whether immunoreactive endogenous ouabain is secreted by the adrenal gland under the influence of dopaminergic regulation.Methods:We measured plasma levels of endogenous ouabain by immunoassay, together with other variables, including plasma renin activity and aldosterone levels, in 91 clinically selected hypertensives and 19 healthy volunteers. We also measured endogenous ouabain in adrenal venous blood and the effect of DA2 dopaminergic receptor blockade and stimulation. After a thorough clinical evaluation, 64 patients were diagnosed with essential hypertension and 24 with primary aldosteronism.Results:Plasma levels of endogenous ouabain were higher in essential hypertensives than in controls. Multiple regression analysis showed a significant relationship of mean blood pressure with plasma endogenous ouabain, age and body mass index, but not with other measured parameters. The plasma levels of endogenous ouabain were more than two standard deviations above the mean value for normotensives in 45% of patients with essential hypertension in whom plasma renin activity was normal. Higher plasma levels of endogenous ouabain were found in patients with aldosterone excess, specifically affecting 56% of 17 patients with surgically confirmed adrenal cortical adenoma and one (14%) of seven patients with idiopathic causes. Removal of adenomas lowered blood pressure in half of the patients in whom plasma levels of endogenous ouabain normalized after surgery. Plasma endogenous ouabain levels were similar in venous blood from the adrenal and inferior vena cava, and plasma levels were not influenced by DA2 dopaminergic blockade and stimulation.Conclusion:Approximately half of Caucasian patients with essential hypertension and with hyperaldosteronism exhibit elevated circulating levels of endogenous ouabain. The latter do not appear to be secondary to hypertension, are unrelated to plasma renin activity, and may not involve adrenal type-2 dopaminergic receptors.

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