Drug compliance among hypertensive patients in Tabuk, Saudi Arabia

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ObjectiveTo estimate the compliance rate and associated factors among a population of hypertensive subjects registered in hospitals and primary health care centres.DesignA prospective study carried out on a sample of hypertensive subjects.MethodCompliance with treatment by the study sample was measured using the pill-counting method. The reasons for noncompliance are listed and the status of blood pressure control among compliant and noncompliant subjects is reported.ResultsThe compliance rate was 53.0%. It was associated positively with male sex, and negatively with older age, symptoms of illness and drug side effects. The degree of blood pressure control was worse among noncompliant subjects. Reasons for noncompliance included the asymptomatic nature of hypertension, a shortage of drugs, side effects, forgetfulness and lack of health education.ConclusionsThe compliance rate was low in this study and was accompanied by inadequate blood pressure control among noncompliant subjects. Disoriented behaviour regarding hypertension and its medications was observed.

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