The Role of Molecular Technology and Prolonged Cultures in the Diagnosis of Fungal Prosthetic Joint Infections and Orthopedic-Related Devices

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Fungal infections involving orthopedic-related devices, including prosthetic joints, are a rare occurrence. However, the diagnosis is often difficult leading to prolonged and often unnecessary medical and surgical interventions such as antifungal medications and invasive orthopedic procedures. Candida parapsilosis is an unusual cause of prosthetic joint infection, and its diagnosis can be challenging. We present a case wherein the patient presented with a persistently swollen knee and negative cultures. The diagnosis was made by increasing culture incubation time and polymerase chain reaction. This case emphasizes the need for prolonged culture incubation every time samples are collected from prosthetic sites. Furthermore, to provide a prompt diagnosis, the use of molecular technology is highly recommended.

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