Towards ‘One-Stop’ Cardiac MR Image Analysis

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Cardiac magnetic resonance imaging (CMRI) has evolved towards a powerful diagnostic imaging modality, enabling a detailed and quantitative assessment of the presence, extent and development of cardiovascular disease. Because of its versatility, CMRI can be regarded as a collection of ‘MR modalities’, each dedicated to different aspects of cardiac function: global function, regional function, valvular function, perfusion and coronary function; therefore, CMRI is increasingly referred to as the ‘one-stop shop in cardiac imaging’. The increased need for quantification in clinical research and practice, combined with the high data volume of CMRI has generated a great demand for software tools that facilitate and further automate the accurate quantitative analysis of cardiovascular MR patient examinations. This paper highlights a few recent advances in automated post-processing and quantification in the context of ‘one-stop’ CMR patient examinations, and discusses them for the most common acquisition types.

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