Extraoral endodontic treatment, odontotomy and intentional replantation of a double maxillary lateral permanent incisor: case report and 6-year follow-up

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To describe combined endodontic, surgical and orthodontic treatment of a maxillary lateral incisor fused with a supernumerary.


Double tooth is a dental irregularity consequent to fusion of two or more teeth or dental gemination. The teeth most commonly involved are deciduous, but in 0.1% of cases permanent teeth are affected, in which case aesthetic, functional and periodontal problems can result. This paper reports a clinical case of a double tooth in the position of the maxillary right lateral permanent incisor. Combined orthodontic, endodontic and surgical treatment (intentional replantation) allowed the tooth to be retained without periodontal compromise and with a positive orthodontic result both immediately and 6 years following intervention.

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