Hypergonadotropic hypogonadism in a patient with inv ins (2;4)

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We report on a 30-year-old man with azoospermia, primary hypogonadism and minor dysmorphic features who carried a balanced insertional chromosome translocation inv ins (2p24;4q28.3q31.22)de novo. Molecular cytogenetic analyses of the chromosome breakpoints revealed the localization of the breakpoint in 4q28.3 between BACs RP11-143E9 and RP11-285A15, an interval that harbours the PCDH10 gene. In 4q31.22, a breakpoint-spanning clone (RP11-6L6) was identified which contains the genes LSM6 and SLC10A7. On chromosome 2, BACs RP11-531P14 and RP11-360O18 flank the breakpoint in 2p24, a region void of known genes. In conclusion, the chromosome aberration of this patient suggests a gene locus for primary hypogonadism in 2p24, 4q28.3 or 4q31.2, and three possible candidate genes (LSM6, SLC10A7 and PCDH10) were identified by breakpoint analyses.

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