Basis Tensor Decomposition for Restoring Intra-Voxel Structure and Stochastic Walks for Inferring Brain Connectivity in DT-MRI

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We present a regularized method for solving an inverse problem in Diffusion Tensor Magnetic Resonance Imaging (DT-MRI) data. In the case of brain images, DT-MR imagery technique produces a tensor field that indicates the local orientation of nerve bundles. Now days, the spatial resolution of this technique is limited by the partial volume effect produced in voxels that contain fiber crossings or bifurcations. In this paper, we proposed a method for recovering the intra-voxel information and inferring the brain connectivity. We assume that the observed tensor is a linear combination of a given tensor basis, therefore, the aim of our approach is the computation of the unknown coefficients of this linear combination. By regularizing the problem, we introduce the needed prior information about the piecewise smoothness of nerve bundles orientation. As a result, we recover a multi-tensor field. Moreover, for estimating the nerve bundles trajectory, we propose a method based on stochastic walks of particles through the computed multi-tensor field. The performance of the method is demonstrated by experiments in both synthetic and real data.

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