Seeing the Objects Behind the Dots: Recognition in Videos from a Moving Camera

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Category-level object recognition, segmentation, and tracking in videos becomes highly challenging when applied to sequences from a hand-held camera that features extensive motion and zooming. An additional challenge is then to develop a fully automatic video analysis system that works without manual initialization of a tracker or other human intervention, both during training and during recognition, despite background clutter and other distracting objects. Moreover, our working hypothesis states that category-level recognition is possible based only on an erratic, flickering pattern of interest point locations without extracting additional features. Compositions of these points are then tracked individually by estimating a parametric motion model. Groups of compositions segment a video frame into the various objects that are present and into background clutter. Objects can then be recognized and tracked based on the motion of their compositions and on the shape they form. Finally, the combination of this flow-based representation with an appearance-based one is investigated. Besides evaluating the approach on a challenging video categorization database with significant camera motion and clutter, we also demonstrate that it generalizes to action recognition in a natural way.

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