Tangential excision of nevocellular nevus on the face

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Tangential excision (shaving) is an effective surgical technique for the excision of nevocellular nevi on the trunk, limbs, and scalp. There are few studies on the application of this technique to lesions on the face.


To demonstrate the technique of tangential excision for the removal of nevocellular nevi on the face and to evaluate the cosmetic results, recurrence index, and possible complications.


Two hundred and fifteen patients with multiple nevocellular nevi on different aesthetic units of the face (total of 225 lesions) were selected. All the lesions were removed by tangential excision. The patients returned for postsurgical evaluation at 30, 60, and 90 days.


The results were evaluated in relation to the skin type, sex, age, and histologic type of the lesions. An excellent result was achieved in 90.7%, good in 8.4% and poor in 0.9%, with a low index of complications. For comparison, the face was divided into seven aesthetic units.


Tangential excision is an alternative surgical technique for the treatment of nevi. It is simple, fast, and efficient, has low risks and low cost for the patient, and yields excellent results when used for cosmetic purposes.

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