Isolation and identification of stem cells from adult cashmere goat skin

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Continuously renewing epithelia are maintained by stem cells that slowly proliferate and remain in the tissues for life. It has been known for decades that mouse epithelial stem cells can be selected by adherence to specific integrins.


The adherence of cashmere goat epidermal cells to collagen type IV for 10 min was used to obtain enriched epidermal stem cells. The characteristics of the rapidly adherent epidermal cells were determined.


The rapidly adherent epidermal cells exhibited the stem cell characteristics of immaturity, were quiescent, showed a high colony formation efficiency, and expressed candidate surface markers for epidermal stem cells (keratin 15, keratin 19, p63, CD34, and β1-integrin).


The rapidly adherent epidermal cells represented the epidermal stem cell population.

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