Interesting effect ofMalasseziaspp. infection on dermatoses of other origins

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Tinea versicolor (TV) is a superficial fungal infection affecting as many as 40% of the population in the tropics. We noticed an unusual affect of TV on dermatoses of other origins.


In this prospective clinical study, we examined patients attending our dermatology outpatient department over a period of one year for coexistence of TV with any unrelated dermatoses. We confirmed the diagnosis of TV by microscopy of skin scrapings. Skin biopsy was performed when necessary to confirm the diagnosis of associated dermatoses.


We describe four cases in which unrelated dermatoses (viral exanthem, acute generalized exanthematous pustulosis, polymorphous light eruption, and irritant contact dermatitis) specifically spared sites affected with TV.


Recent research has elucidated the immunomodulatory properties of Malassezia spp. in vitro. Our cases serve as possible in vivo models illustrating such properties. Further studies based on these reports could lead to the isolation of molecules from Malassezia, which may have potential use in anti-inflammatory drug formulations.

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