“Pocket sandwich” dressing in auricular surgery

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The auricular dressing presents a challenge to medical staff and patients alike. The task is to dress the ear, which may include exposed cartilage, in a manner that provides protection but does not distort auricular anatomy.


Two lengths of adhesive tape are sandwiched over the posterior and anterior aspects of the ear to cover the defect in an occlusive manner, creating a “pocket sandwich”-type dressing.


This method results in a dressing that can be used to cover a post-surgical defect on any part of the ear. It is inexpensive and easily reproducible by the patient.


The present dressing is non-bulky, easy to perform, and encases the ear in a pocket of adhesive tape. Further advantages are that it avoids the auricular distortion that may occur with overly bulky dressings, provides an occlusive environment, is esthetically pleasing, and comfortably accommodates eyewear. We highly recommend its use for ear wound defects.

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